Career Opportunity

TENURE: Full-time
LOCATION: Honiara, Solomon Islands
SUPERVISION: SICCP Executive Committee and Technical Advisors
BENEFITS: Competitive package
TENURE: 1-year contract with opportunity to renew; 4-month probationary period
HOW TO APPLY: Please send a resume and a cover letter to Closing Date: April 31, 2014


The Director is responsible for managing SICCP and all component projects, leading the team, raising funds, and managing financial and other resources. He/she represents SICCP’s conservation efforts in the country and has a key role in building partnerships and alliances that are central to SICCP’s conservation strategy. He/she will ensure that operational, hiring, and financial management activities meet all of SICCP’s standards and policies. The role ensures creating effective team communication, instilling organizational values and behaviors, and creating a work environment that attracts, develops, and retains the best human talent. He/she represents SICCP before the Solomon Islands Government, representatives of international organizations, donors, and partners. This position has the authority to make decisions regarding the management of the organization’s resources within the approved budget.

  • Partnerships: Build and maintain partnerships with local communities, donors, organizations, and the Solomon Islands Government that are central to SICCP’s conservation strategy. Develop protocols to better serve local community-based partners.
  • Operations: Developing and manage operational plans that support the implementation of SICCP’s strategic goals. Lead the day-to-day program management and overall program delivery, including research and monitoring programs, to facilitate the achievement of goals.
  • Fundraising: Develop and implement a resource strategy to secure funding and long-term financial sustainability. Coordinate fundraising efforts and proposal development.
  • Finance: Develop budgets and ensure responsible fiscal oversight of budget and expenditures.
  • Human Resources: Manage personnel according to established policies and procedures. Develop staff capacity through mentorship, suitable activities, and regular performance evaluations.
  • Executive Committee: Serve as the interface between the Executive Committee and staff. Work closely with Executive to create budgets and provide inputs into strategic planning processes.


  • Degree in natural resource management, conservation, or related field and at least five years related work experience
  • Demonstrated technical experience in conservation and development
  • Experience working with government ministries, non-government organizations, and other key institutions in the Solomon Islands
  • Proven skills in effective financial management
  • Strong fundraising capabilities, with proven ability to develop winning proposals
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills
  • Proven experience in research, project implementation, and fieldwork
  • Experience with institutional strategy development and implementation
  • Experience managing staff performance, identifying areas for training and building capacity

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SICCP is designed to maximize transparency in all aspects of its operation, through explicit agreements and bylaws. Among the most important of these are:

  • All sites supported by SICCP must have or be working towards a CCA
  • Funding disbursement governed by CCA terms
  • Unless otherwise decided through mutual agreement or through non-compliance with the terms of the CCA by either party, funding raised by each site but managed by SICCP will remain dedicated to that site
  • CCAs are dynamic and evolving partnerships that must serve both the interests of SICCP and indigenous landholding interests and communities.

Mission and Values

SICCP Mission:

Through partnership with communities, SICCP seeks to bridge local conservation, sustainable development, and resource management efforts with broader national and international initiatives to ensure financial sustainability and sound stewardship of the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Solomon Islands.

Pursuit of this mission is guided by the following values and beliefs:

  • We value traditional systems of decision-making and the right of Solomon Islanders to determine their future and relationship with the land and sea.
  • We value and acknowledge the relationships between biodiversity, culture, and human wellbeing that tie Solomon Islands societies to their customary lands. These relationships have the right to persist and compel careful stewardship by Solomon Islanders and all humanity alike.
  • We value and respect each other and the partnerships we build in pursuit of our mission. Honest, transparent, and meaningful partnerships are the best means of confronting the challenges facing the Solomon Islands.
  • We value the health and integrity of Solomon Islands society, and humanity more broadly, and its deep connection to the health of customary lands and vibrant marine ecosystems.